Automation Material Handling
PLC Programming/operator interfaces
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Mencom, Industrial Electrical Connector Manufacturer
Baldor Motor
Bus Networks
Products for Industrial Ethernet, Profibus DP, Profibus PA, Foundation Field Bus and DeviceNet.

Cables and Receptacles
Quick Disconnect M23, M18 (Mini), M12 (Micro AC & DC), M8 (NAN) overmolded cables and mating receptacles.

Panel Interface Connectors

ILME Series
Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors fron 10 amp to 200 amp, Screw, Crimp, Spring, and Squich Wire Termination.

Valve Connectors
DIN 43650 Solenoid Valve Connectors, Form A, DIN B, IS B, DIN C and IS C. Molded and Field Wireable.

Juction Blocks
MINI (M18), MICRO (M12) and NAN (M8)multi-port distribution blocks, 4 through 12 ports, up to 24 sensors.

Cable Glands, Adapters and Accessories
NPT, METRIC and PG threads, Plastic, Nickle Plated Brass or Stainless Steel, EMC and ATEX also available.
Baldor Motor
Baldor Motor Baldor Motor
Baldor Motor Baldor Motor
Baldor Motor

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