Automation Material Handling
PLC Programming/operator interfaces
motion control control panels turn key solutions vision systems custom printed circuit boards service
Siko Measurement and Automation Devices
Indicators (aka "counters"), dials and handwheels with mechanical or electronic position tracking.
- Mechanical Counters
- Electronic Counters
- DigiTurn
- Handwheels and Dials
Robust, reliable magnetic length and angle measurement with immunity to dirt and moisture.
- Absolute
- Incremental
- Quasi-absolute
Accurate rotary motion tracking with optical or magnetic technology.
- Absolute magnetic encoders
- Incremental magnetic encoders
- Geared potentiemeters
- Absolute optical encoders
- Incremental optical encoders

Geared motors and drives for easy, controlled automation.
Bright, readable output for clear communication from measurement devices.
Wire-actuated transducers for linear motion of up to 40 meters

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