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It has been said that V Squared’s real strength is the way we bring together the total solution for a customer. Whether that is a packaging line, an automated manufacturing cell, a large conveying system, or a prototype piece of equipment we can truly provide an all inclusive turn-key approach.

By having all the essential capabilities under our roof, we have control over quality, schedule, and cost enabling us to consistently deliver on our commitments with industry best lead times. We specialize in integrating “off-the-shelf” equipment with custom automation.

Sample Projects

Marker Write Out Machine
Faced with a system that incorporated outdated technology and the OEM no longer in business, our client needed to update their old analog systems currently in place. V Squared was able to utilize the current mechanical system while updating the outdated eeprom memory system. Incorporating an intuitive operator interface and off the shelf components enabled a seamless integration to a newly improved system. This seamless integration saved hundreds of hours reworking years of testing data.

Bottle Assebly Line

Crygenic Pumping System
This project involved designing and building an automated delivery system of CO2 to high purity laboratory equipment. This custom system integrates a pressure boosting system designed to take the vapor stage CO2 at 250 psi or more and increase the pressure to 1500psi. Integrating a custom PLC and Operator Interface enabled the system to run continuously from a bulk system. The control system accurately monitors the critical parameters such as; CO2 Bulk level, pump pressure, flow and production rates as well as alarm conditions. This information is then displayed in real-time to the technician in the Lab.

Bottle Assebly Line

Portable Ampoule Filling Station for Medical Calibration Gases
Starting with a white sheet of paper, V Squared was tasked with semi-automating the precise filling of Glass Ampoules. These ampoules are filled with high purity gas at sub atmospheric pressures. A process that was revered as an art form was a true challenge. Utilizing a highly responsive proportioning valve and a PID loop controller we able to repeatedly ensure the accuracy of the fill pressure within 0.5 % relative of the target value. The process was integrated with a PLC and a color touch screen operator interface which made operating the system extremely simplistic while maintaining precise repeatability from batch to batch.

Automated High Purity Gas Filling
TPrecise filling from batch to batch of High Purity gas was accomplished by this semi automated gas filling station. Using a PLC and simple operator interface the system accurately controlled the fill process. The control system precisely controls the evacuation, purge and fill cycles by using pressure and vacuum transducers located in the piping manifold. This once highly labor intensive process allowed for hands free operation from batch to batch.

Bottle Assebly Line

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